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Hot Springs of Tajimaya

The public bath rooms in Tajimaya are made of many rocks. You may feel as if you were in a cave.
This spring water contains chilly constitution, neuralgia, rheumatism, which are said to be good for the following illness: neuralgia, muscular pain, bruise, disease of chronic digestive organs, hemorrhoids, etc.
These three public bath rooms can be used as a private bath for a family, a couple, or a group. Each room can be locked from inside, so you may use anytime if it is vacant.

The sound of Koto and the smell of the incense will welcome you at the entrance.

Daining Cafe "REISEN"


You will enjoy the simplicity of the room, the aura of tatami, straw matting, sliding screens, and traditional furnishings. You can relax here as if you were in your home.

Accommodation of Tajimaya

Number of Guest Rooms

Credit Cards
American Express, Diners Club,
Master Card, VISA, UC, JCB
( David Card is accepted.
Traveler's checks or other cardare not accepted.)

Free Parking